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Many millions of blind and other visually impaired people throughout the world do not have access to a Bible. Braille is becoming less common now because it is so bulky, and the user must have special training.

However, Aurora Ministries has a division called Audio Bibles for the Blind with an alternate way to meet this need. They provide Free Audio Bible Service for the visually-impaired and print-handicapped. The devices are in several formats. Those in English include the New King James, the King James, the World English Bible, and the International Children’s Bible. Portions of the Bible and Bible studies/messages are also available in many other languages for people across much of the planet. They have served people in over 100 countries. It is necessary to get a medical certificate of vision loss before anything can be sent. See their website for details about how to get free help from them and much more information about their ministry.

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