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Brother’s Brother Foundation (BBF)

1200 Galveston Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15233

Telephone: 412-321-3160 

Fax: 412-321-3325 


Since 1958, BBF has provided over four billion dollars worth of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, textbooks, food, seeds, and other humanitarian goods to people in over 149 countries. In 2022, they sent over 582 million dollars in healthcare donations. BBF sent the equivalent of 188 large shipping containers of medical, educational, and other humanitarian donations weighing 3,136,982 pounds to those in need in 61 countries. These shipments, including 138 container shipments of medical goods, carried 2,663,000 bottles and tubes of medication. BBF also provided hand-carry supplies for 350 medical and humanitarian mission trips at no cost to the mission teams. Brother’s Brother is among the largest distributors of donated new textbooks covering many subjects (including medical) for use in developing countries.

They also have a location near Washington, DC. That address:
27309 Prosperity Ave; Suite 110; Dock 5; Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: 703-992-9210

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