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8901 S. La Cienga Blvd.

Suite 206

Inglewood, CA 90301


Telephone: 310-443-2070 

Fax: 310-443-4961 

Email: info@cellmic.com

A major problem of health care providers in the developing world is the lack of affordable, reliable laboratory testing equipment. Imagine how much it would help if there could be devices about the size of an adult’s fist which could attach to a cellphone and meet these those needs. Cellmic (known as Holomic until February 24, 2016) is making that a reality.

Holomic was formed in 2011 to build and market advanced biophotonics technologies invented at the research laboratory of Professor Aydogan Ozcan at the University of California at Los Angeles. Biophontonics refers to using light (photons) to understand the inner workings of cells and tissues.

Among the many applications that have emerged from the lab is the cellphone-based diagnostic testing technology HRDR, an economical handheld reader. It enables more reliable immounoassay tests for several important subjects, including instant access to electronic test records, and real-time, wide-area diagnostic data collection. See Cellmic’s website for more information and interesting videos. Note: as of 9/24/2018, you may need to use Google to access their website.