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Christian Ministry Sourcebook

274-2316 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, NY 14216

Telephone: 800-285-6399 

Fax: 800-965-4387 


First published by World Vision in 1985, this is now assembled and published by Genesis Publications and Media. It has over 4,000 major Christian ministries that cover a very wide range of subjects in many categories. Although some are not specifically focused on needs in the developing world, many others do. You can find information on medical supplies, agriculture, clean water, and various other topics similar to what is on this website.

Christian Ministry Sourcebook is updated and published every year. You can get a free download of it via their website.

Their Canadian office is equally important to their one in the U.S.
The mailing address there is 5803 Cornell Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5M 5R5
Their phone: 905-858-3787
Their fax: 905-858-3560

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