GCED–Global Community Enterprise Development

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579 Fox Hills Drive

Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304


Telephone: 586-530-7675 

Email: johnckim1@yahoo.com

This non-profit Christian organization is currently putting its biggest focus on helping children in rural areas of developing countries learn to use computer skills. It was started by John Kim, a retired engineer. He began in Uganda and hopes to expand his activities througout the developing world. The main problems are: 1) no electricity; 2) no inexpensive computers; and 3) not enough adequately-trained teachers. After returning home to the U.S.A., he started research to resolve these three problems and designed a system to meet them with solar power (patent pending). This makes it possible to have solar-powered computer training clasrooms and can be a self-sustaining project. GCED is willing to come and train teachers onsite.

Mr. Kim is also interested in solar-powered pumps for getting water, caged fish farming, locally-manufactured baby food, and other forms of development. Contact him if you have any technical concerns or other questions.