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Getting Ready to Come Back

Bread for the World

50 F Street NW, Ste. 500

Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: 800-822-7323 

Getting Ready to Come Back: Advocacy Guide for Mission Teams is a very useful 63 page paperback published by Bread for the World and intended to help people who go on short-term mission trips be successful while they prepare, are on the field, and especially when they get back home. Sixteen church denominations or para-church organizations are Advocacy Guide sponsoring partners.

Quoting from page 5, the guide “will help short-term mission teams travelling internationally to understand how political, social, and economic systems contribute to hunger and poverty. The guide seeks to support and encourage mission teams to engage in advocacy as informed Christians upon their return home.”

Many questions are given throughout the guide for individuals and groups to seek answers. The format makes it easy to write responses. Pages 43 asks: “How will you advocate?” Two pages cover “group advocacy plan commitment sheet” and “individual advocacy plan commitment sheet.” Many biblical references are included throughout.

You can order this guide through Bread for the World for $10.00. It would be especially useful for everyone in your group to have a copy.

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