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Jaipur Foot

Many people in developing countries have lost a foot or a leg. Named for the city in India where it began in 1970 and is still headquartered, the Jaipur Foot is under the leadership of a large humanitarian organization called BVMSS. It constructs unique prosthetic devices. The most famous one is the Jaipur Foot. Both below and above the knee versions are available and may even allow recipients to bicycle, run, lift weights, and climb trees. The Jaipur Foot has helped nearly two million people in 36 countries. It is the most widely used prosthesis in the world.

BMVSS calls itself “the world’s largest organization for the disabled.” They have many camps in different countries where patients are outfitted with appropriate devices. The organization is doing research with several universities into related projects, including an artificial hand. Rotary International gave the Jaipur Foot inventor, Dr. Sethi, their highest humanitarian award in 2001. Even more remarkable is the fact that the Jaipur Foot devices are provided to needy people at no charge. The Jaipur Foot website pictures are amazing.

Their website gives four sets of e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, faxes, and mailing addresses.

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