Medical Missions for Children (MMC)

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637 Wyckoff Ave.

Suite 345

Wyckoff, NJ 07487

Telephone: 973-754-4960 

Fax: 973-754-4971 


They want to save many of the 40,000 children who die daily under the age of five in the most impoverished areas of the world by using MMC telemedicine. This makes it possible for facilities in the U.S. to be linked to hospitals in the developing world. Using a special satellite network, American health professionals can assist overseas colleagues without leaving their U.S. workplaces.

This help includes medical education, offering second opinions, mentoring operations, the obtaining of medical supplies, showing the use and care of equipment, and other areas. Founded in 1999, MMC has had a direct presence in 848 hospitals in 110 countries. This includes over 80,000 consults.

Their Medical Broadcasting Channel delivers medical education globally at all times. They also have a Global Video Library and a Giggles Children’s Theater. Check the MMC website frequently for updates on their various activites.