MediSend International

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9244 Markville

Dallas, TX 75243

Telephone: 214-575-5006 

Fax: 214-570-9284 


Very often biomedical equipment is sent overseas but quickly falls into disrepair because recipients have not been trained as to its correct usage. Meeting this need is one of the key objectives of MediSend International.

Founded in 1990, this multi-faceted humanitarian organization has a singular mission: improving community health. In 2006, they coupled their humanitarian emergency relief programs (medical supplies and biomedical equipment) with the training of professional biomedical equipment repair technicians, and opened the MediSend Biomedical Technology School in Dallas. It has trained, certified, and equipped over 120 professional technicians who have come there from 21 developing countries. Included in the Biomedical Technology Program is a 4,000 piece Biomedical Equipment and Test Repair Kit (trademarked). This is the largest program of its kind in the world.

In 2013, MediSend expanded its school by launching the Richard B. Myers Biomedical Technology Program (trademarked) whose purpose is to train post 9-11 veterans in state-of-the-art classrooms and laboratories for placement in lifetime careers. All of these programs and activities are certified by the U.S Government and/or the State of Texas.

There is a nearby apartment complex where MediSend has made arrangements for students in their six months study program to stay as needed.

MediSend provides medical supplies and equipment for developing countries, and their website has a list of the most requested items.