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Missionary Travel Association

1511 North Westshore Blvd.

Suite 650

Tampa, FL 33607

Telephone: 352-678-5885


Established in 2003, they provide up to eight days of travel coverage for $25.39 (and more coverage for $3.28 per day). This includes $100,000 in accident, illness, injury, and medical expenses; $250,000 reparation to the closest medical facility of your choosing near your permanent residence; up to $100,000 for accidental death and dismemberment, and other benefits.

Their sister company, JetICU, owns a fleet of Lear jets with emergency medical personal ready to pick you up if the need arises.

They also provide many kinds of discounts such as for hotels and restaurants. Go to the Missionary Travel Association website or contact them for more details.

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