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Not Just Tourists

St. Catharines, ON

Telephone: 905-646-5110 


When Dr. and Mrs. Ken and Denise Taylor took a trip from Canada to Cuba in 2003, they were impressed by the great need for medical supplies. Thus they founded this organization to help other Canadians (both medical and non-medical people) send medical supplies to developing countries in their suitcases.

Not Just Tourists has grown to help in many other places. They have affiliates in Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, and Ottawa (along with their main office in St. Catharines, which is a short distance west of Niagara Falls) to make this possible. Each affilate sets their own individual policies within the framework of the total organization. Over 70 contries have been helped through this unique program. They also have helped Canadian hospitals organize the shipment of 40-foot containers. “Supporting the world’s health — one suitcase at a time” is their motto.

They have a drop off and packing location at Roncevalles United Church; 214 Write Avenue; Toronto, ON M6R 1L3.

Much more information (including logistical advice and how to deal with customs officials where the traveler is going) is on their website.

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