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Operation Mobilization (USA)

285 Lynwood Ave.

Tyrone, GA 30290

Telephone: 800-899-0432 

Fax: 770-631-0439 


Beginning in the United Kingdom in 1957 with the slightly different spelling of Organisation Mobilisation, OM has grown tremendously to becoming one of the largest Christian organizations that facilitates mission trips and other opportunities for people to share their faith. They work with 6,100 missionaries in over 100 countries, plus their large ocean-going ship: Logus Hope.

Their website shows a very wide variety of fields in which people can serve. Most do not require a college or university education, but others require medical or other advanced degrees. You can find specific openings in terms of locations, skills, and available dates. Opportunities include both short-term missions and long-term ones (six months or more). OM is especially good for younger people who are seeking God’s guidance for their lives.

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