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2443 Fillmore Street


San Francisco, CA 94115

Telephone: 209-980-7323 


500 million people around the world would benefit from a simple pair of reading and/or sunglasses which would immediately restore their ability to focus close up. This can make the difference between holding a job and/or being a fully functioning member of a family or community. RestoringVision helps meet that need. Founded in 2003, they have distributed over seventeen million new reading and sunglasses glasses to people in 124 countries through over 1,500 charitable mission groups. 400 pairs of pre-packaged glasses weighs about 24 pounds and can be shipped throughout the U.S. for use in developing countries. The higher amount ordered, the lower the unit cost (often 50 cents and sometimes even lower). RestoringVision also enables people who do not have professional skills (such as an optometrist) to learn to help. Their website has many interesting stories and more specific details. RestoringVision is a TECH member.

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