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SOS International

1500 Arlington Avenue

Louisville, KY 40206

Telephone: 502-736-6360 


They collect and send medical supplies and equipment (but not pharmaceuticals) and have sent them to 100 countries since 1993. Medical professionals and other people going with medical teams can get items to hand-carry in their luggage for $150.00 for the first 50 pounds plus $2.00 per pound above that if they can personally pick them up at the SOS warehouse. If you can’t pick up the items in person, SOS will provide and pack them into a special box with for a $50 administration/pulling/and packing fee for sending goods them within the U.S. If you wish to send quantities to a hospital or clinic abroad, SOS will fill a 40-foot container with six to eight tons of needed supplies and equipment-typically worth $100,000 to $300,000. SOS usually charges a $9,500 donation for this.

In 2022, SOS sent 306,773.58 pounds of medical supplies and equipment, which included local and international donations, to medically-impoverished communities.

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