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The Essential Guide to the Short Term Mission Trip by David C. Forward

Softcover (spiral bound) Moody Press, 1998
ISBN 0-8024-2526-7 227 pages $14.99

This was written especially for the person or small group that is thinking about organizing a short-term mission trip and wonders what to do next. The author writes from a wealth of experience in organizing and leading mission trips to several countries. He addresses just about all the main concerns — from why having a trip to what to do on the first day of arrival and how to evaluate the experience after coming back home. The book is filled with practical advice on a wide variety of do’s and don’ts. It has many examples of difficult situations that probably could have been minimized or eliminated with foresight. More than just a how-to-do manual, it is rich in biblical and spiritual insights. Whether it is your first or tenth leadership experience with a mission trip, this book is must reading.

Table of Contents