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The Full Belly Project

P.O. Box 7874

Wilmington, NC 28406

Telephone: 910-452-0975 


Their goal is to design and distribute income-generating agricultural devices to improve life in rural communities. They began with a hand-cranked peanut shelling machine that greatly reduced the amount of time necessary for Africans to do the job. Then they added bicycle-type power for it–thus increasing efficiency. Now they include various other things, such as a non-electric rocker pump to move water, a hand washing station, and a cacao (cocoa bean) sheller. Even ordinary plastic shopping bags can be recycled with solar power into durable seats for students to sit on at their school desks. More projects are under development. Many volunteers from colleges and universities have helped towards their goals. Their activities have reached 41 countries in the developing world. See their nicely illustrated website to learn more about where and how they serve.

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