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World Missionary Press, Inc.

19168 CR 146

P.O. Box 120

New Paris, IN 46553

Telephone: 574-831-2111 

Fax: 574-831-2161 


They describe themselves as “an interdenominational faith ministry producing 48-page topical Scripture booklets and Bible studies in more than 350 languages for FREE worldwide distribution as the Lord enables.” It was founded in 1961. Currently they are producing 7.5 million Scripture booklets every month. See their website or make direct contact to make arrangements for overseas shipping and larger orders. There is no cost for shipping within the U.S. under normal circumstances. Many booklets can be downloaded from their website: or using the free World Missionary Press app.

During the past fiscal year, they have sent more than 100 separate freight shipments (a record high) to 96 countries.

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