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A few comments about this category

Billions of people throughout the developing world do not have a Bible or other kinds of Christian literature. Sometimes that even includes pastors who must walk for several hours to borrow a Bible (because they do not have a personal copy) and then walk back to return it. In some places, it is not unusual for 10 or 15 people to share the same Bible. Many other people are not able to read in any language, cannot see, or cannot hear. The material below might give you ideas to help. For example, if you have some extra Bibles or other Christian literature items, please consider donating them to one of these organizations. If you live close enough to one of them, you might provide some volunteer help. They all need more financial assistance (U.S. tax deductible) and would appreciate your support. In recent years, one of the biggest thrusts has been the use of new technologies to help people learn about the Christian gospel. You will find several examples below.

On a related note, you will find some organizations that specialize in translating complete Bibles or portions of Scripture into languages that do not have it yet. There are many exciting opportunities now that did not exist only a few years ago.

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