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American Bible Society (ABS)

101 North Independence Mall East

Floor 8

Philadelphia, PA 19106

Telephone: 215-309-0900 

Fax: 215-689-4308 

Email: abs@info

Since 1816, they have been providing Bibles in English and many other languages for use all over the world. Currently they have over 580 versions in over 465 languages. They note that of the nearly 7,000 of the languages which are primarily spoken, 57% do not have a Bible. ABS is putting a major emphasis in both translating for printed copies and other venues for cell phones and other internet devices. They also have Bibles for people in different age brackets, the military, and various other situations. By 2026, their goal is to translate 100% of the world’s languages for scripture engagement. See their website for more details.

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