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About this HelpingWorldwide website and the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals

The main goal of this HelpingWorldwide website is to provide information so that people in more economically-fortunate countries, such as the United States, can learn about needs in the developing world and find ways to do something positive about them. Likewise, people in developing countries can use this to find information about organizations and resources that may help them. Thus it seems fitting to tell about the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Most of them fit with what this website covers — other than what is about some specific Christian ministries. Obviously the U.N. is not faith-based. However, some Christian churches and other Christian organizations have links to the United Nations and also overlap with the MDGs. Next you will learn more about the eight MDGs and recent updates about them. They are not described in the same order as how the U.N. gave them (because this HelpingWorldwide website must be alphabetized), but at least you can get the same basic information. Some concluding comments (not part of the U.N. report) are in the three paragraphs at the end of this category.

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