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Assist International

800 South Stockton Avenue

Ripon, CA 95366

Telephone: 209-599-1890  


The motto of Assist International is “Addressing the needs of the world’s most vulnerable people.” Their Advanced Medical program seeks to provide advanced medical equipment and training to hospitals and clinics in many areas of the developing world. The items include ultrasound, x-ray, and other major health care equipment. Assist International works with several medical partners (including hospitals and, manufacturers) to provide the products and services. They send teams overseas to train medical and biomedical personnel how to use the equipment, bring the consumables needed for the first year of operation, and warranty all equipment for a full year. Since 1990, they have completed over 500 projects in over 65 countries.

Assist International is also involved in other programs, such as clean water/sanitation, global health, orphaned and vulnerable children, and poverty solutions. These kinds of projects have been completed in over 60 countries, lifting thousands beyond mere existence to a hopeful and productive future.

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