BUV Ministry

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5868 E. 71st Street


Indianapolis, IN 46220


Telephone: 317-213-1088 

Fax: 317-333-7040 

Email: will.austin@drivebuv.org

Basic Utility Vehicle (BUV) Ministry produces an inexpensive small utility vehicle that can be used for general transportation over rough terrain, as an ambulance, delivery service, water transporter, light tractor, and construction vehicle. Other applications include agricultural use, water distribution, and wood harvesting/processing. Some mission groups use them as income generators (delivery service) or Business as Mission projects (BUV micro-factory).

They also sell barrels, cradles, and water pumps for the BUV people who need to transport water. BUV works on joint solutions with the Lonestar Drilling Rig.

BUVs are currently being built in the U.S., South Africa, and Tanzania. They are helping in 28 countries in Africa and Central America. Over 215 have been built as of June, 2019.

See a very interesting video on the BUV website.