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Christian Dental Society

P.O. Box 296

Sumner, IA 50674

Telephone: 563-578-8887 

Fax: 563-578-8887 


CDS is an interdenominational organization with a two-fold purpose of fellowship and global mission outreach. A rental program of portable dental equipment is maintained so that CDS member dentists can take necessary equipment overseas. The “Resources” section of their website also includes three other areas of special interest: International Mission Opportunities (with 213 listings), Mission Resources (with 30 listings), and Mission Opportunities in the U.S. (with 41 listings). All of these figures are as of March 2016. Although the material in the Resources section is primarily directed towards dentists, some of it also applies to other medical professionals and non-medical people. You may also go to the “Mission Resources Links” section of their website to find several publications.

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