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Clinic In A Can

9745 E. 50th Street N.

Bel Aire, KS 67226

Telephone: 316-262-0953  


One of the major problems for health clinics in the developing world is having a facility to house them. This is especially true after disasters. Clinic In A Can is a Christian organization that has devised an alternative to the traditional bricks and mortar approach, and it can be equally effective in many places (and sometimes even less expensive). The heart of it is a specially-built 20 or 40 foot heavy duty steel container with good insulation to protect against temperature extremes. These are built in Kansas, are usually solar powered, and can be adapted to electrical grid power.

The 20-foot unit provides space for one main room and works well for a smaller staff. Sometimes two or three units are linked together. The cost for a 20-foot unit usually ranges between $22,000 and $32,000 (not counting the equipment or attached power source). The 40-foot unit is not sold as often. Contact Clinic In A Can for more specific pricing and other details.

See the organization’s website for interesting pictures and more information.

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