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Multi-Language Media

701 Pennsylvania Avenue

Fort Washington, PA 19034

Telephone: 215-542-1026  


They provide scriptures in over 80 languages, Christian books in about 45 languages, JESUS Film in over 1,100 languages, tracts, Bible-based ESL (English as a Second Language), God’s Story (starting from Genesis and continuing through the Bible in many languages), DVDs, and other forms of media. Use their on-line catalogue to learn what is available. The prices are very reasonable.

CLC Multi-Language Media operates Christian bookstores in over 50 countries and publishes in 20 of the world’s largest languages. For information about their Christian bookstores across the planet, see

In mid-2016, Multi-Language Media merged into CLC International (Christian Literature Crusade) and moved to the CLC location in Fort Washington, PA. They share the same address, fax, and more importantly a desire to reach people through Bibles, other Christian literature, and media. However, they have separate phones. The phone for Multi-Language Media is 215-542-1240.

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