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P.O. Box 39800

Colorado Springs, CO 80949

Telephone: 800-873-4859  


This Christian ministry began as radio station HCJB in 1931. Broadcasting from a special short-wave station high in the Andes Mountains in Ecuador, their messages went to large areas of the world in several languages. In the past eight decades, they have grown greatly and now are involved in over 130 countries with over 120 lanaguages and dialects. Some of their messages go by using the internet and unique devices, such as solar-powered radios.

They took this new name in January 2014 to reflect their much wider scope of activites which are now divided into two main categories: (1) Voice (media) continues their broadcast ministry. (2) Hands (healthcare) has established mobile clinics in hard to reach locations. Clinical training, related medical missions, clean water/sanitation, and internships are also part of this category. Many interesting stories are on their website — along with opportunities for you to serve with them on a short-term or longer basis.

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