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Deaf Bible Society

P.O. Box 180818

Arlington, TX 76096

Telephone: 800-654-3690 


Their products are designed specifically for people who are physically unable to hear. They say that Deaf Bible Society provides the best way to see, read, and share the Bible like never before by providing translations of the complete New Testament and portions of the Old Testament through the American Sign Language (ASL)and 20 other sign languages for free distribution. Likewise, they have 61 segments of the JESUS Film linked to ASL video passages. This can be very useful to people in the developing world as well as folks in more economically-advantaged places. It is estimated that only about 2% of the world’s 300 million non-hearing population are Christians. Currently there are over 200 sign languages in the world. Along with the phone number given above, Deaf Bible Society has a video phone at 682-777-5008.

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