Disabled Children’s Fund

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Box 4712

Crofton, MD 21114


Telephone: 301-261-3211 

Fax: 410-721-4647 

Email: info@disabled-child.org

Disabled Children’s Fund (also known as Compassion Care for Disabled Children until recently) provides about two million dollars worth of orthopedic goods annually at no charge for children and adults. Usually the request is from a missionary doctor, hospital, or national church in the developing world. If the requested item is in their Harrisburg, Pennsylvania warehouse, it goes to a U.S. address so it can taken overseas. Items can also be sent to collection places in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, and Virginia. There is no charge for the services of this ministry, but donations from Americans and people in other more economically-blessed countries are appreciated. Jack Walsh is the contact person.

Disabled Children’s Fund works closely with Children’s Medical Missions (also on this HelpingWorldwide website) and shares the same office with them.