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This British and South African-based organization addresses helps meet the need for emergency medical transportation in remote areas of developing countries where a traditional ambulance is not available or afforable with their unique motorcycle having an attached carrier that can be used as a bed. It is especially useful for women who are about to give birth. The eRanger is designed to handle terrain where some other kinds of motorized transportation is not practical. eRanger ambulances have helped in over 20 countries (mostly in Africa). Some eRangers have been adapted for other purposes, including a mobile clinic, mobile education center, needle cutter, and water purification. They build their products in South Africa. The current price (October 2016) in U.S. dollars is approximately $6400 for the eRanger Ambulance and approximately $6500 for their Mobile Clinic. Some spare parts are included with the e-Ranger Ambulance, and others can be ordered in special packages. See their website for pictures, information about reaching them by individual e-mails, telephone, fax, or postal mail, and other material. Ian Avery is the contact person for general information.

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