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Edesia Nutrition

550 Romano Vineyard Way

North Kingstown, RI 02852

Telephone: 401-272-5521  


Edesia’s mission is to treat and prevent malnutrition for the most vulnerable in the developing world through ready-to-use nutrition solutions. They produce seven kinds of ready-to-use therapeutic and supplementary foods focused on children, six months to five years. The base of the products is peanut butter, which is mixed with appropriate nutrients. Edesia’s website has details. The products are individually packaged and have a long shelf life with no need for refrigeration. Edesia is part of the PlumpyField Network: a network of peanut-based ready-to-use food producers, based primarily in developing countries. This nonprofit was featured on the NBC Nightly News in 2011 with a particular focus on their response to the food crisis in eastern Africa. They have served over 10 million children in nearly 60 countries since 2010.

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