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Galcom International (USA)

P.O. Box 270956

Tampa, FL 33688

Telephone: 813-933-8111 


Over four billion people do not read in any language, and Galcom helps them by producing and distributing small solar-powered radios that are fixed-tuned to receive specific Christian stations. Over 1,000,000 have been made for 125 countries with many languages and dialects. Costing $30.00, the new ImpaX version of this device will also work when the transmitting station is off the air by providing a secondary vernacular language internal audio Bible capability. For areas where no Christian radio signal exists, Galcom also offers a palm-sized non radio-capable solar rechargeable vernacular audio Bible player for about the same cost as the ImpaX.

Their Canadian address is:

115 Nebo Road,


Hamilton, ON

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