Global Media Outreach (GMO)

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They specialize in using the internet to reach people for Christ in every country in the world and use a variety of tools for that purpose. Between 2004 and June 1, 2017, they helped facilitate nearly 1.6 billion Gospel Visits (meaning a desire to learn about Christ) to their more than 200 websites in 26 languages, and over 162 million decisions for Christ were made. In 2016, over 111 million people visited their websites and more than 11 million indicated a decision for Christ. They use numerous internet search engines and have a carefully-planned system to help guide initial visitors and people wanting to help.

One of their websites ( shows global visits virtually every second and several decisions for Christ every minute.

They also facilitate a means whereby seekers can be connected with mentors via the internet but in such a way that e-mail privacy between both partners is not compromised. GMO is one of the fastest growing and most cost-effective means of Christian evangelism across the planet. They estimate that the cost of a Gospel presentation through their ministries is less than ten cents per person.

Currently they have disciple resource sites in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, and Indonesian (see