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Health Education Program for Developing Countries by Arnold L. Gorske, M.D.

Illustrated by Virginia M. Barron; February, 2009 (47 pages); and available in seven languages. The material can be downloaded and copied at no cost for non-profit, educational purposes. Google Health Education for Developing Countries for website and downloading information.

Dr. Gorske (a pediatrician) and Ms. Barron have assembled some of the most basic holistic knowledge about preventative health measures and made it so easy to show to an audience that is unable to read. A special printed Handbook (in several languages) provides background information for health care educators (perhaps local pastors or other community leaders). 50 of the most essential subjects — such as HIV-AIDS prevention, clean water and sanitation, basic food needs, first aid — are covered. Check their website for updates. Making copies of this or getting it on posters or power-point presentation slides and giving them to people who are involved in health education is an excellent and cost-effective idea. Dr. Gorske comments: “As medicine is becoming more evidence based, we realize that we can save many more lives through education than through our medicines.”

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