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Hesperian Health Guides

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Hesperian publishes and distributes some of the most useful information to encourage community-based health care in developing countries. They are written to help both professional and lay medical workers. Hesperian is best known for producing “Where There Is No Doctor,” the most widely used health manual in the world. The 2015 updated edition is available for $26.96 in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Kreyol, Arabic, and Urdu. Other language editions are also available through Hesperian’s translation partners; visit Hesperian’s “Resources by Language” page to explore the options. The full book can be purchased as a book, eBook, CD, PDF download, or on a USB flash drive, and free individual chapters are available. Hesperian offers discounts for bulk purchases.

As of June 2017, they have 14 original health books translated into 85 languages, including: “Where There Is There is No Dentist” and “Where Women Have No Doctor.” See the “Books and Resources” section of their website for other online resources and resources in many languages.

Hesperian is also developing new digital tools for adapting and sharing their content. The “Hesperian HealthWiki” provides free online health information to millions of people, and the mobile phone app “Safe Pregnancy and Birth” works offline for use in remote areas. Hesperian’s drawings and images on many health subjects are available for purchase to use and adept in your work. Simply send an e-mail to for more information. More products are in development, so keep in touch with them. Receive 15% off your next purchase by joining their e-mail list at

People in 220 of the world’s 230 countries and territories have accessed Hesperian materials online.

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