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Jesus Film Project

100 Lake Hart Drive

Orlando, FL 32832

Telephone: 407-826-2300 


This ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ seeks to present the JESUS Film to everyone in the world in a language they can understand. Since 1979, it has had over 6 billion viewings in over 1,400 languages, and more than 200 million people have indicated decisions to accept Christ as a result (one every 5.5 seconds). The two-hour docudrama about Christ is based on the Gospel of Luke. You can see it in several languages on their website: It is also available in DVD and on their android or I Phone apps (plus three DVD film versions for children). Their website shows several other films designed to convey Christian messages.

Special equipment has been designed to transport the JESUS Film into remote areas and show it where normal electric current is not available. This can easily be checked as airline luggage. To learn more, contact Airborne Ministries, Inc. Their address: 1416 82nd Avenue # 73 in Vero Beach, FL 32966
Phone: 772-778-9106
Contact person: Bill Duncklee

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