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Love Packages

220 Union Street

Butler, IL 62015

Telephone: 217-532-6701 


They receive Bibles and other forms of Christian literature to send to developing countries. Almost every week, a 20-foot container with 20 tons of material leaves their place (approximately 1,000 tons annually). Since 1975, they have served 122 countries and are the largest ministry of its kind in the U.S.A. They also have dormitory and cooking facilities onsite that can house up to twenty volunteers. See their website for more information, including very interesting videos.

In 2016-2017, Edwin L. Hodges Ministries (which had a similar purpose) merged into Love Packages. Thus Love Packages now has an Alabama address along with the main one in Butler, IL. It is:
60-D South Mountain Drive
Decatur, AL 35603.
Phone there: 256-355-3007

It is expected that much more will be accomplished now that these two organizations are combined than when they operated separately. Packages of donated goods can be sent to either location. They also have arrangements in many other places throughout the United States where people can leave material that can be sent to a Love Packages facility.

Their goal for 2022 is to ship 2,022 tons overseas.

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