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Kingsway Charities (KC)

1807 Bay Street

Bristol, TN 37620

Telephone: 276-466-3014  


This Christian group distributes pharmaceuticals, other medicines, and medical supplies donated by U.S. sources to medical missionaries serving in developing countries and thus helps enhance their evangelistic ministries. Normally they do not deal with major medical equipment. The processing fee is $25 per trip request (plus shipping and handling). KC has received and distributed over three billion dollars worth of products since 1995. They supplied over 720 mission teams going to 65 countries and served over 326,000 individuals. Four weeks notice is desirable when ordering goods. They also have a program whereby doctors can purchase long-dated medicines for their medical mission trips overseas use. See the KC website for details. People also come to personally pick up goods.

Sometimes people going on mission trips have problems getting medicines and related goods they brought into certain developing countries. The FAQ section of the Kingsway Charities website has a descriptive list of over 30 countries where that has been a problem in recent years (mostly at customs). It might be practical to look at this list if you are going on a mission trip to one of those places.

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