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MAP International

4700 Glynco Parkway

Brunswick, GA 31525

Telephone: 800-225-8550 

Fax: 912-265-6170 


They helped in 89 countries in fiscal 2021. This Christian health organization has been partnering with people in extreme poverty throughout the world since 1954. MAP provides medicines and medical supplies (over 6 billion dollars worth so far), helps prevent disease, and promotes health improvement. They are well-known for their Long-term Medical Missions program (which serves full-time clinics and hospitals; their Short-term Medical missions (which provides goods for over 2,000 mission teams annually); and now for their community health development programs. MAP also focuses on safe water, protection of women and children (through Project 1365), NTD (Neglected Tropical Diseases), and relief. They also recruit and train people for short-term mission trips. MAP is a member of PQMD and TECH.

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