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10 Davol Square

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Providence, RI 02903

Telephone: 617-763-4866  


Helping in over 180 developing countries, Maternova is a resource for low-cost technologies that save mothers and newborns around the time of childbirth. For mothers they research and sell a range of technologies to address postpartum hemorrhage including the little blue suit that could or the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment.

For infants they source and sell bag and mask, newborn warming technologies, and the tiny ThermoSpot (a stick-on liquid crystal thermometer) to tell non-literate parents and caregivers that the baby is too cold.

One of the new products they market is the CRADLE. It is a hand-held device specifically designed to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and other vital signs for pregnant women that is designed for use by community health workers. Another new product is the Incublanket. Requiring no electricity and being 100% reusable, it is a heating pack for babies and has multiple purposes. They market rapid diagnostics for more than ten of the most serious illnesses and diseases in the developing world. Nutrition products is another field of interest. Many other products are available or anticipated soon; follow their website for details.

Their website (available in Spanish as well as English) also has a wealth of other information, including the Maternova Innovation Index with over 250 innovations in maternal, newborn, and child health — all for use in low-resource settings. Their Resource Directory on it is also filled with a large amount of useful information.

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