MERCI (Medical Equipment Recovery of Clean Inventory)

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The MERCI Program was founded and coordinated by Helen French, B.S.N., R.N. from 1991 until 2007. She was an operating room nurse at the University of Virginia Health System until retirement. It collects a wide variety of clean and sterile surplus medical supplies from many sources and makes them available to mission groups and other non-profits. MERCI has diverted over 500 million tons and provided over 150 million dollars worth of supplies and equipment since 1992. It continues under the direction of the University of Virginia. Mrs. French has a very large amount of data available and is still the person you should contact for more information. She relocated to the Las Vegas, NV area in 2017 and is always glad to offer her free expert advice to anyone wishing to establish a similar program using MERCI’s proven concepts.

Her phone number is 540-470-0975 and her e-mail is

You can also learn about MERCI’s current activities by going to