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Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF)

P.O. Box 47

Nampa, ID 83653

Telephone: 800-359-7623 

Fax: 208-498-0801 


This interdenominational Christian group serves over 600 mission agencies, ministries, and other non-profits in 33 countries. Best known for flying their small planes into remote areas, they often provide medical emergency transportation and disaster relief support. They fly over 1 million miles each year. MAF also maintains electronic mail service and satellite phone systems for mission groups. Their five main fields are evangelism and church support, community development, medical assistance, crisis relief, and training nationals. They seek people, especially with aviation and avionics, finance and accounting, informational technology, school teaching and distance education backgrounds for both long-and short-term assignments. MAF has a six-week informational technology internship for college students. Their website has more service opportunities.

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