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Seed Programs International (SPI)

P.O. Box 9163

Ashville, NC 28815

Telephone: 828-707-1640 


They work through other humanitarian organizations, church groups, and individual donors to provide quality vegetable seeds to impoverished communities in developing countries. SPI has successfully shipped seeds to over 90 countries, enough to plant over one million gardens with more than 20 kinds of vegetables. Working with their international partners, some of whom are local agronomists, they try to help provide the most stress-resistant seed varieties. Major goals also include (1) helping recipients get highly nutritious food to harvest in often difficult conditions and (2) increasing the overall diversity of the diet as to micronutrients and minerals that are important for the brain and body to grow strong — not just to stay alive in an unhealthy situation. Much more information is on the SPI website.

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