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Successful Mission Teams: A Guide for Volunteers

By Martha VanCise
Published by New Hope Publishers
(Birmingham, AL; 1999) $10.99
ISBN 1-56309-169-0
$10.99 û Paperback û 231 pages

This is a real treasure house of information for anyone anticipating an overseas mission trip. “Mission tours are not vacations,” the author says. It is as important to consider your spiritual preparation and cultural values relating to the trip as knowing what to pack into your suitcase. She covers all three — and many other related topicsùin a very clear and forthright manner. There are mission tour scams as well as wonderful organizations with excellent track records. Horror stories about what can go wrong are included, and she has good tips on how to avoid most pitfalls. Whether you are going on disaster relief mission or into a relatively tranquil area, she has lots of really useful insights and advice.

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