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The Worm Project (TWP)

c/o Mennonite Conference

1000 Forty Foot Road

Lansdale, PA 19446

Telephone: 267-932-6050 


Parasitic intestinal worms affect a billion or more people in the developing world. The result can be the loss of one fourth of a child’s nutritional intake, distended bellies, a lot of diarrhea and other illness, and often death. “Combating world hunger through parasite removal,” is TWP’s slogan, and they are helping in over 70 countries. For less than three cents, a child or adult can get an Albendazole tablet that helps get rid of most parasitic worms and usually prevents the damage for up to six months. This is one of the most cost-effective ways of helping where clean water and sanitation are lacking.

Their website has very informative pictures and stories and shows several ways for groups to raise money. When calling them, use extension 136.

Unfortunately in some of the developing countries it is hard to bring in these pills. Customs regulations vary from place to place. Contact TWP for specific advice.

Also see
It is a Washington, DC based-organization that is involved in similar deworming efforts.

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