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What can you do to help support the SDG’s?

Thoughts by Bruce Carr: As you have read the SDG’s and related comments, hopefully you have found some common interests with them. At least two-thirds of the material on this HelpingWorldwide website (perhaps more) relate to them in one way or another. Here are some suggestions.

First, learn as much as you can about worldwide needs and see if some may be of special interest to you. There are plenty of printed materials, quality internet presentations, and other sources.

Second, get into doing more. For example, I used to live within 20 minutes of World Medical Relief (WMR) and went there often to deliver goods that people have given to me to take there. My dentist donated two professional chairs and a set of lights that I delivered to WMR and were shipped to Kenya. Maybe you could attend a special conference. I like to go to at least one major conference annually in person or via the internet. If you are motivated by a religious faith, see if there may be some links through it with the SDG’s. Perhaps there are other ways you can volunteer some of your time in a faith-based or secular situation. Virtually all of the organizations on this HelpingWorldwide website need money. You can use the “Where to Learn More About Giving to Non-Profits” category of this website to find some of the organizations that are the most reliable in terms of using donations appropriately. If circumstances allow, perhaps you could do some humanitarian travelling or support someone else in that regard. Maybe you could help a student from a developing country who wants to further his or her education. Some people have shared their homes with international students who come to the U.S. to study. These are some thoughts, and no doubt there are many others.

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