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Wall Street Journal article by Bill and Melinda Gates

On January 17, 2014 the WSJ published a story by Bill and Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation that gave further optimism about the recent reports regarding MDGs. Entitled “Three Myths on the World’s Poor,” it noted that “extreme poverty has been cut in half in over the past 25 years, child mortality is plunging, and many countries that had long relied on foreign aid are now self-sufficient.” Then the Gates’ discuss what they call three deeply discouraging myths about global poverty and development.

MYTH ONE: Poor countries are doomed to stay poor. Gates’ response: They’re really not. Incomes and other measures of human welfare are rising almost everywhere, including Africa — where income per person has climbed from $1,300 per person in 1998 to nearly $2,200 in 2014. The Gates’ predict that by 2035, there will be almost no poor countries in the world by current standards.

MYTH TWO: Foreign aid is a big waste. Gates’ response: Actually it is a phenomenal investment which doesn’t just save lives; it also lays the groundwork for lasting, long-term economic progress.

MYTH THREE: Saving lives leads to overpopulation. Gates’ response: when more children survive, parents decide to have smaller families.

Much has been accomplished, but much more needs to be done. For more information, see You can also download their 26-page “3 Myths That Block Progress for the Poor” by going to the internet.

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