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World Toilet Organization (WTO)

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This non-sectarian organization, based in Singapore, wants everyone to have appropriate sanitation facilities. They stress that over 2.6 billion people (over twice the number that does not have clean water) do not have them. Besides disease and premature death, the lack of sanitation also leads to other problems, such as girls’ lower school attendance (especially after puberty) because of lack of toilet facilities. One of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals (established in 2000) was to cut that 2.6 billion number in half by December 31, 2015, but that target was far from being reached. WTO’s website tells what they are doing in over 50 countries and what some other groups are doing to improve sanitation.

You need to visit their website to access their complete address, as well as their telephone and fax numbers.

They also have another website: that tells about their special day of emphasis (November 19 every year) and has many interesting suggestions.

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