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Church World Service (CWS)

28606 Phillips Street

P.O. Box 968

Elkhart, IN 46515

Telephone: 800-297-1516 

Fax: 574-262-0966 


This is a cooperative ministry of 37 Christian denominations that began in 1946 and helps with humanitarian programs in over 30 countries. Visit their website for more on their activites. One of their best known programs is the annual CROP Hunger Walk. It helps increase awareness of hunger problems, shows appropriate ways of dealing with them, and raises funds towards the elimination of hunger. In 2016 it took place over 1,000 communities and raised over $10,000,000. You may also be interested in ways of creative giving that are shown on their website. Church World Service also has offices in New York City, Washington, DC, and outside the U.S.

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