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Compassion International

12290 Voyager Parkway

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Telephone: 800-336-7676 

Fax: 719-487-6246 


Since 1952, this Christian organization has been helping babies, children, youth, and young mothers in many areas of the world. Working exclusively through the local church, Compassion serves over 1.9 million people in 26 countries around the world. To Americans and people in other economically advantaged places, they are best known for their child sponsorship program. It costs $38.00 monthly to help a school-aged child or young adult with food and clean water, medical care, educational opportunities, a Bible in his or her native language, and life-skills training. Sometimes that continues into leadership development. Their “Rescue Babies and Mothers” program seeks to prevent illesses, provide nutrition for pregnant moms and babies, prepare moms with training to care for their baby, and do so within a Christian context. It costs $20.00 monthly for this program. Over 2.3 billion people world wide still do not have basic sanitation facilities. Compassion has a toilet program, and people can donate to it. Much more information is on Compassion’s website.

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