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Engineering World Health (EWH)

4819 Emperor Blvd.

Suite 400

Durham, NC 27703

Telephone: 919-313-4633 


EWH works with biomedical engineering students, professionals, and other folks to help hospitals and clinics in developing countries learn to more effectively use and maintain medical equipment. BMET Training (described on the EWH website) focuses on that. EWH January and summer programs enable American and international undergraduate and graduate students to go overseas to teach equipment usage, repair instruments, and help with other aspects of biomedical engineering. (Academic credit and financial assistance often can be arranged.) Other trips enable professionals and technicians to go overseas for short-term projects. EWH has a very close relationship with six universities in the U.S. and other countries, chapters on many other U.S. campuses, and can work with high school students to learn about this type of service. It also helps engineers wanting to design and develop appropriate technologies.

Because of the Covid crisis, the 2021 programs will be on line rather than in person.

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